It's easy to set up a new game here, all you need are a minimum of two players. There are plenty of willing players to be found in our Guestbook and at The Pixie Pit Scrabbleİ Players Group.

After you have clicked on Home link above, select whichever player room you want for either 2, 3, or a 4 player game. Once inside you will see the Game Room Click To Enter, just click on which one you prefer.

Click on whichever game room you fancy. This opens that particular room. Near the top and to your left, you will see at the top of the list of games in that room. Clicking on this, will open the page where you create your new game. You must fill in all the fields, and make sure all addresses are correct, else the players will not receive their game invites. When you've done this, click on Set-Up Game. All players receive the new game invite, this is because some players do not want to be player 1. So if you were player 2, player 1 must have a means of knowing about this game! You now have to open your mail for your game invite. All Scrabble© game emails are sent to all players on please check you are not blocking that email address.

Open your game invite, if it is your turn, click on the link to your game. You will be asked to change your given verification code, to a preferred password, once and only once for any new game. When you have done that, click on Confirm, then Start Game. You are now on your game board page. All first words must pass through the centre square. To play a word, place your cursor in one of the small white fields, and type in a letter from your tray, using your keyboard. Do this until you have formed your word. You can use your keyboards arrow keys, to move to the next form field, up or down. All you need do now is click on Post My Play. You may send an optional message if you wish, that's the large white field above the Post My Play button. 

If your e-mail program does not support embedded links, (URL's), by that we mean. Double clicking on the link will not open your game, then please copy and paste the ENTIRE link to your game into the address bar of your Web Browser, then hit Go or your Enter/Return key. Please make sure there are no breaks in the URL. If you do not do this correctly, you will not open your game. All game links, (URL's), always end with your preferred password, except for new games, they end with your verification code. For advice on using URL's (hyperlinks) in emails, please click here.

The game is played via e-mails, at your own pace and leisure. You do not need to be constantly online, and you can choose who you play with here. All that we ask is, that you start all new games within 7 days of being told it is your initial turn, else they will expire. Thereafter, you have 14 days in which to make your plays, before they will expire. It is vital that all e-mail addresses used are entered correctly. Please only use the e-mail address you have subscribed, for your all of your games, else you will be asked to subscribe. If you want to try out a game for free, please click on the Trial Game Rooms hyperlink, at the top left of this page. If you have no one to play the game with, there are plenty of willing players, to be found in our Guestbook or at our .
We have own Word Finder, and we offer a choice of ten dictionaries, more than any other Scrabble© game site on the Internet. They are:- Collins Tournament and Club Word List 12, 15, and 19, OSPD2, OSPD3, OSPD4, OWL, OWL2, OWL14 and SOWPODS. We also have the 200 tile 21 x 21 Super Scrabble© game boards.
The Free Dictionary are
used for dictionary definition
lookups, they may not define all Scrabble© words. Players can play the No Dictionaries version of the game, by clicking on the No Dictionaries link, as is seen above.

Please make sure that you have Java enabled in your Web Browser, as many features of the game will not function without Java. We recommend you use the official Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE), available for Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris and other operating systems. You can get the latest version by clicking here. To enter your letters, type each letter into the form-field squares, until you have formed your word(s). The game accepts all plays made, so we advise all players to check all of their plays, using the on-line dictionaries, prior to completion of play, and thus avoid challenges. If a player makes a genuine error, they can correct that using the Correct Play link, found on the end of play page. We could set the game to check all plays made, using our 258,000 word MySQL Dictionary DBase, but with so many simultaneous lookups, this could severely affect our dedicated servers performance, even though they are super fast !

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