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Having problems? We're only to happy to help and will reply within 24hrs. In order for us to concentrate our resources as best we can, please read the Frequently Asked Questions before you use our Contact Admin Form. Moreover, due to us needing our beauty sleep while many of you are playing, you may find a quicker answer here. If you do need to contact us though, please give all the players names, and the Game Room in which your game is being played so we can find it :o) We are sorry, but we will not reply to requests for help, if we do not have the player names and game room name details. Please do not send messages with just the line, "delete this game please". It has no meaning whatsoever!

Why are all my Scrabble game emails now being sent to me on ?

On the weekend, of April 5th 2014 many service providers took the advice of an organisation called

They published a document telling their subscribers, (the service providers) to block all emails, if the domain name of the sender in the From field does not match the domain name from which the emails were sent from. Our only option was to send all Scrabble games emails to all players on which matches our web site's domain name

If we had not done that, no players would never receive any of their game emails, making our Scrabble by email web site useless for them. So, there is no reason why you cannot receive your game emails, if you add, to your Contacts or Safe List, as all of your game emails are now being sent to you, on that email address.

Please also check, you are not marking game postings as spam, and sending them to a Junk Mail/Spam/Trash/Delete folder.

Why do my Scrabble game emails arrive in my Junk Mail or Spam folder?

It is probably due to the “way” your email program perceives emails, many email programs will deem emails as junk because they contain embedded hyperlinks, these are the links to your games. Once you have “told” your email program your Scrabble game emails are NOT Junk or Spam, they should arrive in your Inbox. To do that, highlight a game email and click on Not Junk, or Not Spam.

Is Java required to play Scrabble here?

Yes Java is required here, it is used to draw the game boards, and for Instant Scoring. Java is perfectly safe to use, it's used in in thousands of applications worldwide, without it, many web pages would not function. You can securely download Java click here

I started a new game as player 1, and no Scrabble game invite was sent to me?

The game sends all the Scrabble game emails out automatically, we have no control over their arrivals at the other end sorry.
check you are not blocking as all of your game emails are sent to you on that email address.

Can I play the game using an iPhone, or iPad?
A  Yes you can. When logged into your game, place your finger on the square where you want your word to begin, and a keyboard will pop up on your iPhone's screen, tap the letter you want to play, and proceed to the next square, repeat the process as is explained above, until you have completed your word(s), then tap the keyboards Go Key. You can also drag your board, to make it larger on your iPhone's screen. Special thanks to Suzy of Quinnipiac University, for testing the game using an iPhone.
Can I play the game using the Kindle Fire HD?
A  Yes you can, when you enter your letter using the keyboard, say for an example the letter A. The letter entered appears in orange at the top left-hand side of the keyboard. Tapping on the orange letter sets it in the square, so when you move to the next square, the letter does not disappear. You have to do that for each of letters you enter, just tap on the orange letter at the top left-hand side of the keyboard. As of the 28th of March 2013, Kindle users are telling us placing tiles is now very difficult, and Instant Scoring does not work properly. We can only assume they have recently updated their Operating System, and that is causing the issues, as nothing has changed our end. One Kindle user told us this:-

Kindle users must go into the "Private Browsing Mode" in the "Silk Browser" when making Scrabble plays through The Pixie Pit.
To do that:
Open the Silk Browser
Click on the "menu" bars (right hand side of the screen about in the center.
A box will pop up "Enter Private Browsing"
Click on it and then go to our game website.
It appears to work very well.

Kindle's Silk is not allowing the operation to function in the normal mode of the Silk Browser.

Can I play the game using my Nokia mobile phone with the Windows 8.1 platform?
A  Yes you can, but for some odd reason it does not support the java scripting used for Instant Scoring. When Instant Scoring is being used, you cannot enter your letters in the form fields on your boards, but they can be entered if Instant Scoring is switched off. Players can always use the Compute Score button, if they want to know the total points for their plays, before they post them.
I just took my turn, and the score was credited to my opponent, help?

That can only happen if players reply to their own game emails. All game emails are sent by the game, many players see them as personal emails, sent to them by their opponents', they then reply to them, and in doing so, they are sending their opponents' everything they need, to login as them, and take their turn. The game will therefore correctly credit your opponent with the play(s) you made, since the game assumes, you are the opponent. If you ever reply to a game email, always edit out your tiles, and passwords.

I can see you use verification codes, just what are they please?

Verification codes are used to validate the email addresses used. For some weird reason, some players create games, using fake email addresses. So if that is the case, they will never receive their game invites, and the verification code therein, which is needed to open a new game. Using fake email addresses, is totally pointless, in an email based game by the way !

Is there any way for the game to remember the email addresses and player names, I enter in their respective form fields, as it's such a drag having to repeatedly having to type them in?

The game will not "remember" them, but if your web browser supports Auto Complete, that function will. Please be extra careful when entering email addresses used in your games however, as if they are entered in error, they will always be in error. For information on turning on Auto Complete for Microsoft's Internet Explorer, please click here.

My friend has started a new game, yet I haven't had the email?

This is the most frequent problem we receive here. 99% of the time it is a typographical error made in an email address when creating a new game. We ask you to make sure email addresses are correct. At other times, it is down to players blocking email addresses. Please add to your allowed list, as all of your game emails are sent to you on that email address.

I have been invited to a game that I do not want to participate in, nor did I ask to be invited. I feel you are abusing my address, please remove it off your site.
We do not create the games being played here, nor do we keep a database of email addresses. All games are created by the players themselves. If you feel your address is being misused, please forward your game invite to us, with the explicit wish that you want that game deleted. We are also not responsible for the misuse of any email addresses used to create a game here. 
How does my annual subscription work?
You decide which email address you want to use for your games. Once you have subscribed, that email address is entered as paid, in the subscription database software. Each time you play, your email address is checked by the software, and if it is found as subscribed, it lets you continue playing, this only takes a few milliseconds. It is VITAL players only use their subscribed email addresses, for all of their games. Each subscribed email address is unique to that player. If players use a variation of their subscribed email address, they will be asked to subscribe it. So if you have duel domain names, like .com and .net, please only use the email address you subscribed.
My game updates appear as if they are written by my opponent(s), so would they know my passwords, and tray letters?
No, the game creates the updates, none of your opponents' would know that information. All they may input is, the optional message they may send.
I have subscribed, and it is amazing value, for 12 months of unlimited games. However, when I login to my game, I am taken to the page, where I am asked to subscribe. Why is this?
Players will only be asked to subscribe, if they are not using the email address, they subscribed. Many players are creating new games, using email addresses, that are not subscribed. Players should only use their subscribed email address, for all of their games.
I am already subscribed, but I have since changed my Internet Service Provider. How do I subscribe my new email address?
Please forward your currently subscribed email address, and your new email address to Admin. They will then transfer your subscription.
I am already subscribed. How can I subscribe a friend?
If you wish to subscribe a friend, please click here. Please only subscribe, the email address, they use for their games.
I use AOL version 8, every time I try to login, my screen freezes up, why?
AOL admit this is a bug in their browser. The fix is this. Click on Settings - Preferences (on the AOL toolbar). Click on Internet Properties. Click on Shopping Assistant tab. Uncheck the option for 'View the shopping assistant'.
I have had my game update posting, advising me it is my turn next, yet the Login page is telling me it is my opponents turn?
Your are viewing the cached copy of the Login page that is stored in your temporary internet folders on your local drive. All you have to do is refresh/reload the Login page to view the most recent copy on the remote server.
How do I actually form a word, or words?
You place your pointer/cursor into the small white field of your choice, and type in the letter you wish to use, from your letter tray, using your keyboard. You do this until you have formed your desired word, or words, by selecting the adjacent small white field etc. All plays must either read from left to right, or top to bottom. You cannot spell words backwards, unless they are palindromic of course!
I have selected to receive game updates, of my own plays, but I never receive them?!
Game updates of your own plays, are sent on  Please make sure, you are not blocking that address.
The game keeps telling me I don't have a particular letter in my tray, but I have?!
Many players try a word on the board, then see something better, but leave the other word on the board. That would give you an error screen.
I can't find my game?

Any games that have had no play for the days we specify between play will have expired. Expired games are deleted to maintain server disk space. They cannot be recovered.

Once Player 1 has started your game, all players receive an email. This email contains information as to that Players score, whose turn it is next, and the embedded URL, (place where your game is), plus other information. The game never forgets this information, so all you need to do is either click on the embedded URL, or copy and paste it into your Browser. This will take you to your Game Room, scroll down until you see your player names and click on them. This will take you to your game board Login page.

Please do not use the link to your actual game in your Favourite Folders. The game changes as each player takes their turn, any cached pages will differ from the actual game, and the results are confusing to the player! An example would be. The game is telling you it is your turn when it is in fact your opponents turn, or vice versa.

I used to use the minus sign - to play my blank tile. Can I still use it?

A  To play your blank, just type in the required field, the letter you wish your blank to represent. It will appear in red, with no subscript score. You can still use the minus sign if you wish, your blank will then appear as a blank! Advanced Tip: If you are playing a blank that coincides with a letter you already have (you have one S, one blank but need to spell a word with two S's, then it might be best to use "-", the minus sign, to play the blank explicitly so the program knows WHERE the blank should go. Blanks have no score value.

I want to change my options, like my password or address. How do I do that?
A  You can change your options on turn of play. Click on the link your wish to use at the top of the Game Board page. If you want to use the Tiny Tiles feature, you have to be using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, have java scripting enabled, and screen resolution 800 x 600. DO NOT use these options if you intend to challenge the previous players play.

I click on my game's URL and get this weird message saying my board.txt can't be found? 

This arises when games have been deleted. All new games, where players have not started their first turns, within 2 days expire. Unfinished games older than 10 days are automatically deleted. We have to do this due to the demand of the game. If you have exceptional circumstances that require more than 10 days to take your turn, please contact us. It can also arise if your mail program does not support embedded hyper text mark-up language (HTML) links or URL's as they are know as. In this case, copy and paste the entire link to your game, into your web browser's window that you use to access the web, then click on Go, or whatever your browser uses. 

I'm part way through my game, yet I haven't had the email telling me it's my turn next? 

This occurrence is due to mail server delays and beyond our control. You can always check the status of your game by going online and viewing your board. 

I accidentally hit my Return key before completing my word(s). How can I correct this?
Players can correct errors, by using the Correct Play link found on the end of play page. If you are not on that page, just Login and click on Correct Play. Only use that link, if your opponent has not played since you made your error.
I'm playing several games, and my email address has changed. Do I have to start all over?
No, Players can always change email addresses on turn of play. You do this by clicking on the Change Your Address link at the top of the game board page. 
How do I challenge a play?
We do ask players to agree which dictionaries to use, prior to play, in the new game invite. If a word(s) played is not in the dictionary agreed, then that play can be removed using the Challenge Play link found at the top right hand of your game board page.
How do I remove a players last play?

You can only remove the previous player's play, assuming it is an incorrect play. You cannot use the Challenge Play to correct your own errors, nor can it be used, if the incorrect play was made two or more plays back in the game. If a word is challenged, it is removed, and its points deducted. This effectively makes the player who played the incorrect play lose their turn. A challenge removes all the previous player's words played, even if some of the words are valid. An challenge will not work if you have just changed to Tiny Tiles, or changed your address and password. All that will do is, remove those changes you have made.

It is possible for the game to check any plays made against the dictionary DBase. This however would soon grind the server to a halt, due to so many simultaneous lookups of plays made.

Players can challenge, and remove the final play in the game. There is a link in the Game Over posting, asking the next player if they feel the play is incorrect, to remove that final play.

Q The game keeps telling me my play in invalid. What am I doing wrong?
A You cannot play one word here, and another one somewhere else on the board. Also, you cannot play a word onto another, then play onto, or across the first word you played. An example would be, you play GONE onto an E already on the board, then play GOAT off the G in GONE. That is not allowed in Scrabble! You can only play onto, across, or adjacent to an existing word on the board, and only once!
Q I can't make a word. How do I swap my letters, or skip my turn?
A Click on Swap Letters, select which letters you wish to swap, then click on Skip Turn. If you cannot swap your letters if the letter bag has less than 7 tiles, just click on Skip Turn. Play then passes to the next player.
My friend and I can't finish our game, neither of us can play a word, or swap our letters.  What do we do?

In circumstances like this, a "stalemate" scenario, the game will compute you scores by subtracting the value(s) of your remaining letter(s). The player with the highest score wins the game. You can do this by clicking on Delete Game. 

How do I find someone to play with?
There are heaps of willing players to be found in our Guestbook.
How and where do I play?

The Rules of the game can be found by clicking on the Rules button link. It is up to the person who creates the game as to where you play. If it's a 2 player game, you create your game via the 2 player door. The same applies for 3 and 4 player games by clicking on the respective doors. 

The  shuffle and sort does not work for me?
We are aware that this is a problem in Netscape v 4.7. It is important that you have JavaScript client-side scripting enabled in your Browser, in order for shuffle and sort to work.
If I use the Online Dictionary or Online Definition, will my turn be disqualified? 

Not in our game. These facilities are there for all players to use, so there is no "cheating" as such. We actively encourage players to use them, and thus avoid a challenge to your word. Players should only use the Official Scrabble Dictionaries, as used in the game, for their source of words to look up. The definitions site used, in NOT an Official Scrabble Dictionary.

Can I delete my finished game? What would happen if I created a new game using the same player names? 

We take care of deleting finished games. They are normally removed about 24 hours after completion. You cannot create new games, in the same game room, using the same names until your finished game is deleted. This is to protect your game from being overwritten. The last player to play can delete the game before 24 hours. They do this by clicking on the URL to their game, from the posting they receive after the very last play has been made.

Just who are Bibbin & Bibbette, and what is The Pixie Pit?
They are The Letter Bag Pixies !! They look like Smurfs and speak with a Helium Accent. The Pixie Pit is where they live!!  Pay them a visit!

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