(There are many kinds of Vetch;
some are in the hay-fields, but this is
Tufted Vetch, which climbs in the hedges.)

The Song of The Vetch Fairy

Poor little U
Has nothing to do!
He hasn't a flower: not one.
For U is Unlucky, I'm sorry to tell;
U stands for Unfortunate, Ugly as well;
No single sweet flowery name will it spell -
Is there nothing at all to be done?
"Don't fret, little neighbour,"
says kind fairy V,
"You're welcome to share
all my flowers with me -
Come, play with them, laugh, and have fun.
I've Vetches in plenty for me and for you,
Verbena, Valerian, Violets too:
Don't cry then, because you have none."

The Song of
The Wallflower Fairy

Wallflower, Wallflower, up on the wall,
Who sowed your seed there?
"No one at all:
Long, long ago it was blown by the breeze
To the crannies of walls
where I live as I please.

"Garden walls, castle walls, mossy and old,
These are my dwellings;
from these I behold
The changes of years;
yet, each spring that goes by,
Unchanged in my sweet-smelling velvet am I!"

The Song of
The Yellow Deadnettle Fairy

You saucy X! You love to vex
Your next-door neighbour Y:
And just because no flower is yours,
You tease him on the sly.
Straight, yellow, tall, - of Nettles all,
The handsomest is his;
He thinks no ill, and wonders still
What all your mischief is.
You have a care! Bad imp, beware
His upraised hand and arm:
Though sting-less, he comes leaping - see! -
To save his flower from harm.

The Song of The Zinnia Fairy

Z is for Zinnias, pink or red;
See them in the flower-bed,
Copper, orange, all aglow,
Making such a stately show.

I, their fairy, say Good-bye,
For the last of all am I.
Now the Alphabet is said
All the way from A to Z.


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