(This is the wild Iris.)

The Song of The Iris Fairy

I am Iris: I'm the daughter
Of the marshland and the water.
Of the clear and peaceful stream;
Water-lilies large and fair
With their leaves are floating there;
All the water-world I see,
And my own face smiles at me!

The Song of
The Jasmine Fairy

In the heat of summer days
With sunshine all ablaze,
Here, here are cool green bowers,
Starry with Jasmine flowers;
Sweet-scented, like a dream
Of Fairyland they seem.

And when the long hot day
At length has worn away,
And twilight deepens, till
The darkness comes - then, still,
The glimmering Jasmine white
Gives fragrance to the night.

The Song of
The Kingcup Fairy

Golden King of marsh and swamp,
Reigning in your springtime pomp,
Hear the little elves you've found
Trespassing on royal ground:-

"Please, your Kingship, we were told
Of your shinning cups of gold;
So we came here, just to see -
Not to rob your Majesty!"

Golden Kingcup, well I know
You will smile and let them go!
Yet let human folk beware
How they thieve and trespass there:

Kingcup-laden, they may lose
In the swamp their boots and shoes!

The Song of The Lily-Of-The-Valley Fairy

Gentle fairies, hush your singing:
Can you hear my white bells ringing,
Ringing as from far away?
Who can tell me what they say?

Little snowy bells out-springing
From the stem and softly ringing -
Tell they of a country where
Everything is good and fair?

Lovely, lovely things for L!
Lilac, Lavender as well;
And, more sweet than rhyming tells,
Lily-of-the-Valley bells.

(Lily-of-the-Valley is sometimes called Ladders to Heaven.)


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