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Moon Fairy (53389 bytes)

The Moon Fairy

Have you ever seen
A moon fairy?
Her hair,
A golden waterfall,
Crowned with
Tiny stars.
Her gown,
The tails of
Shooting stars,
Which never seem to fall.
Her wings are made of
Star dust,
Which scatters through the air.
Her skin,
As pale as
Ever so very fair.
Her eyes,
The color of the sky,
Twinkling stars,
Filled with dreams
Of passers-by.
Her throne,
The moon.
Her bed,
A cloud.
Her friends,
The creatures
That fly around.
Have you ever seen
A moon fairy?


Autumn Fairy (45648 bytes)

Autumn Fairy

Autumn fairy,
Autumn fairy,
Where are you now?
Maybe among the
Autumn trees,
Or dancing in
The autumn breeze.
With your hair not unlike
The sunís golden rays
Shining against the
Autumn leaves.
And your skirt
A simple
Autumn leaf
From gold to red,
Orange in between,
A sunset leaf.
With a bud in your hair,
You fly around without a care.
Your wings so fair,
Like they arenít even
Oh autumn fairy,
Autumn fairy,
Where art thou?

The Unicorn's Flight

All was darkness
That moonlit night
That marked the tale
Of the unicorn's flight.
The scraggly branches
Of the skeleton trees
It galloped beneath them
Alike the night breeze.
The creamy white coat,
The silver horn,
This is the flight
Of the unicorn's flight.
It pauses and rears
And let's out a cry
That shudders the trees
And makes the wind sigh.
So, on and on,
Through the night it rides
Over the pebbles
With magnificent long strides
Till the golden dawn comes,
The beautiful morn,
Here ends the flight
Of the unicorn.

The Lady of the Moon

She's up there
Above us
Where the stars twinkle
And laugh
She drops dreams
Down upon us,
Like dew drops
From heaven.
Her locks are the
Silver moonbeams
And her eyes
Sparkle with star dust
She sings lullabies
To the children of the sky.
She awaits the return
Of Father Sun
To their
Palace in the sky.

The Fairy Art are statues I painted at a ceramic painting place called Painted Earth.

Caitlin Teasdale © Copyright 2004.

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