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Lavender Fairy (66651 bytes)

The Lavender Fairy

I’ve just seen
A lavender fairy!
She sat in a meadow,
She had sprigs of Lavender
woven throughout her
Earth-brown hair.
Upon her head,
There lay a crown of
Fresh lavender flowers-
She surely must be
A princess.
Her wings were like
The butterflies,
They flutter ever so lightly
Through the air.
Her gown was sewn
With lavender stems.
The fabric was of the Buds.
The lavender fairy
Is so caring,
Sweet to all
Who pass her way.
She knelt beside
An injured bird,
Tending to its
Injured wing.
For soon, it shall
Soar away to the clouds…
Thankful for
The Lavender fairy’s help.

Rose Fairy (65774 bytes)

The Rose Fairy

Once I saw
A rose fairy,
Riding upon her
Her trail left
Roses in a line.
Her eyes were green,
Like grass in spring.
Her hair was orange,
Like the glow from the setting sun.
Her gown,
As pink as a
Newborn baby’s cheeks.
Her wings were
As light as
Flower petals,
Falling lightly on a
Spring breeze.
Her unicorn was that of
Stories old.
Its mane seemed to be made
Of spun gold.
Its tail,
A fantastic fountain.
Its coat was as pure white as
A dove’s wings.
It seemed as though
It was fit for a king.
Its hooves,
As silver as the metal could be.
Its horn
Sparkled like diamond dust.
Its body was draped in
Garlands of roses.
It was sent from above,
An angel.
On its back
Rested the
Rose fairy,
Spreading beauty
Wherever she goes.

The Fairy Art are statues I painted at a ceramic painting place called Painted Earth.

Caitlin Teasdale © Copyright 2004.

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