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Hi, and Welcome to The Pixie Pit!! My name is Gibo. I am the Gatekeeper to Bibbin and Bibbette's Magikal World of Pixies, Fairies, and Elves !! That's us above, we have so many Baby Pixie Bubbins to care for and feed !! Would you like to help Bibbette feed them ? Our Site is dedicated to all those who are like minded.  We hope you enjoy your visit to our Special World. Take a tour of our Site from the many Links in our Menu above. Send friends or loved ones an Elf-Card from our Fairy E-Cards Menu. Please take time to sign our Guestbook, and give us your views on our Site !! Be sure to visit our many Fairy Art Galleries, which include works of Mystic Dreams Fairy and Celtic Art Works,  Fairy Art by Myrea of Fairies WorldAmy Brown, her Fantasy Fairy Art, Cicely Mary Barker Fairies, Cicely Mary Barker her Alphabet Fairies, Molly Brett, Margaret Tarrant, Arthur Rackham, Brian & Wendy Froud, Richard Dadd, Edward Hughes, David Weston, plus others. Also worth a visit are our Fairy Collectable Postcards Pages, and our Fairy Poems Page. Why not try our Fridge Magnets Boards and compose your own Poems? !! There's loads of Java Games you can play in here. Check out our Fun Games Menu !! There's even a Flash Animation of Us!! Try our Love Compatibility Test, or find out what kind of Fae are you ? Our Awards Page is well worth a visit. Why not apply for one ??!! If you like what you see, tell your friends about us! Anyone out there with a Fairy, Pixie or Elf theme Site wishing to reciprocate their links with us at, can apply here ! Try our Post a Pixie Message to Bibbin and Bibbette, please click here! Hidden deep away on our site is a piccie of Bibbin, the site's creator. A sack full of Acorns awaits the first Pixie to find him :O)

Please come back anytime,  we are constantly adding new ideas and items in here !!!

Calling all Kidz!! We at The Pixie Pit want your drawings of Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Goblins, Dragons or anything that you think would suit our Site !!! We will shortly be setting up a Gallery of your drawings. So get your "crayons" out. Ask Mam or Dad if you need any help. Use something like MS Paint, and send us your creations, as a jpeg, with your name and age, and you can tell all your friends you have your very own drawing on the Net !!! Visit The Children's Fairy Art Gallery here!!

*Historical note.

The Piskies of Cornwall. Cornwall, that strange storied land so closely associated with Arthurian legend, has a group of stories that stand apart from all other English tales. These are the stories of the piskies, or pixies, little people who live on the downs and moors of Cornwall. Some say that the piskies were taken to Cornwall by the Phoenicians, who went there to mine tin. Others say they were once Druids who resisted Christianity, and the more they resisted the smaller they grew. Still others claim that they were a race not good enough for Heaven or bad enough for Hell, and so were doomed to remain forever on Earth. Whatever the origin of the piskies, these stories have the same sense of enchantment that Cornwall itself has. Whatever Pixies are, we love them at The Pixie Pit !!

*Source: Compton's Encyclopedia.

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