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Pixie Pit Awards !!!!

Hi, I'm Bibbin a cute 'ickle Pixie, and this is my cute 'ickle Pixie Girlfriend Bibbette, and we love to give out our Awards!!! We are an Official Award Presenter Site, governed by a strict Code of Conduct set not only in our Criteria, but also by Award Sites themselves. For more information on running your own Awards, click on our Official Award Sites level 2.5 logo below. Pixie love, Bibbin and Bibbette !!!

Please read our Criteria carefully.

1) Your Site must have more than 5 pages and not comprise solely of links  
2) Watch out for broken images and links!!!  
3) You certainly don't need to be an HTML Expert; Bibbin and Bibbette aren't!! But they can see when someone has put a little effort into their pages  
4) It doesn't have to be about Pixies and Fairies, but Family friendly sites only, and certainly nothing that concerns racial hatred or anything illegal, esp pornography.
5) The Pixies are patient so if you have a few animated gifs or music they'll wait :o)
6) Both Frames and Non-Frames pages welcome and all the Java Script Widgets!!  
7) The Gold award is given to those Sites that show just that little bit extra, that we are touched by or knocked over by all your hard work!! 
8) The use of Borderless Tables will enhance your layout !!
9) Try not to use small fonts and dark backgrounds !!
10) Avoid the over use of Pop Up windows, esp Adverts. It can't be helped on some Hosted Sites, but they do annoy the visitor !!
11) Use a Menu System to navigate Awards Won Pages, no one wants to plough through page after page of Awards !!!
12) Your Site should be easy to Navigate, and easy on the eye !!

Good luck !!!

A Special big Thanx to Bibbette for all her hard work designing all our Awards :O)

To apply for our Award click here. Pixie love and happiness, Bibbin and Bibbette !!! Sorry, this function has now been disabled, due to persistent abuse by spammers.

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