Loony Stories !!!!

Simply fill in the blanks below with whatever words you like. When you're done, hit the "See the Results!" button, and your choices will be inserted into a randomly-chosen story. What you've written may end up being fantastic, screamingly funny, shocking, silly, crazy or just plain dumb. It all depends upon the words you've chosen and how they "fit" into the story!

In case you've forgotten what the various parts of speech are, here's a quick review of the basics:


Adjective #1:

Adjective #2:

Adjective #3:


Noun #1:

Noun #2:

Noun #3:

Noun #4:

Noun #5:

Noun #6:

Plural Noun:

All stories are adapted from Mad Libs #2 (Son of Mad Libs), copyright 1959, 1976, 1982 by Price/Stern/Sloan Publishers, Inc., Los Angeles CA 90048.